About Us

Who We Are?

GraspF - Grasp Your Favorite Fashion Pieces

What is GraspF:

GraspF is a technology company that wants to simplify and elevate customer experience via using technology to bring together luxury fashion products from hundreds of global stores in one single place. GraspF is developed and run by professionals with over 10 years of experience in luxury who understand the challenges that today’s customers are facing due to over supply of the same product assortment across thousands of e-commerce, retail stores, boutiques etc.

Why is GraspF needed?

The main problems faced by the customers today are below:

  • Scattered product information across multiple online websites & apps
  • Same product available across multiple stores at different prices
  • If your size is not available in 1 store, where else can you get it for the same price or better price?
  • Lack of product discovery due to each store having limited assortment from limited brands
  • Different shipping thresholds for different stores
  • Finding the right color for your favorite fashion item
  • Prices for the same product can go up or down by 50% or more based on different stores having different margin. How do you get the best price
  • How do you keep a track of discounts available across hundreds of stores

These are pretty complex questions that required a technology solution. To address these questions and more, we realized we needed to build a smart platform that uses API connectivity to pull data from hundreds of online stores and used advanced algorithms and mapping to put together millions of products in a way that can solve the challenges of availability, prices, colors, stock. The result is GraspF.

Mission Statement & Vision:

At GraspF, our mission statement is to use technology to help our customers find their favorite fashion pieces at the best prices from the best stores around the world.

We are a young company and our vision is to be a smart digital consultant for every single luxury shopper in the world. We like to think of it as your in-pocket consultant that helps you shop smarter, gets you the products you need.